At the high school level, students often begin branching out into specific interests. Rather than assigning particular projects to be completed each term, we decided to instead offer a banquet to choose from.

These are merely ideas. If your student doesn’t find any particularly appealing, feel free to choose your own. Getting buy-in during these teenage years is important.

One thing we would like to emphasize is that handwork/handcrafts is usually meant to deal with creating physical things. While coding and digital photography can be valid projects, do encourage your students to branch out into making things.

The PNEU scheduled the following projects: cardboard modeling, carving in alabaster, claymodelling, seat a stool, make a rug, wood carving/whittling, make book plates.

Rather than assigning certain projects for each term in the upper forms, we give you several ideas to choose from:

Pinterest board for handwork ideas

Wildwood Curriculum Pinterest boards

Wood carving

Easy Wood Carving for Children

The Simple Art of Spoon Carving (YouTube)

There are several wood carving kits on Amazon. Here’s one (we don’t necessarily recommend this; it is just representative)

Wood burning

Pyrography basics


Zero Waste Daniel

Don Kim – upcycling ideas

Generation T: Beyond Fashion: 120 New Ways to Transform a T-shirt

Lots of ideas for projects and lessons at A2Z Homeschooling

The Jason of All Trades

Jenna Phipps

Copper Art

How Emboss Metal

Faux Stained Glass

Easy Faux Stained Glass (YouTube)

Glass Etching

Deathly Hollows Glass Etch tutorial

PVC Projects

40-lb PVC bow

PVC Soccer Goal

Basic Woodworking

Woodworking projects for beginners

Easy woodworking projects for beginners

Soapstone Carving

Soapstone carving kits


Basket making

Basket weaving kits


Intermediate Knitting Patterns – you can filter by gender, pets, and languages among others. Many are free, some cost money.


Intermediate Crochet Patterns – same filter options as for knitting

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