Users from other countries will need to make modifications to the Wildwood curriculum depending on their countries or origins, and desire to study their own stories more closely.

For a discussion of how Charlotte Mason arranged her history rotation and what countries she studies, please visit The CM History Rotation.

Suggested resources and possible divisions of study are listed below for the following countries. This page is a work in progress as more users provide us with resources for their own countries.


Canadian History

NOTE: For Canadians using older texts, it is important to remember that these texts do not reflect an accurate portrayal of our Indigenous communities’ histories.  We recommend that if you use them you supplementing them with more recent books written by Indigenous historians readily available at most libraries.

Form 1

The Spirit of Canada: Canada’s Story in Legends, Fiction, Poems, and Songs by Barbara Hehner (AMZ)

IB – pages 1-33; 34 (Mon Canot)-64; 66 (Freedom Seekers)- 95

IA Lower – pages 96 (The True North)- 129; 130 (Th Lady and the Cowcatcher)-161; 161 (Paul Bunyan)- 190

IA Upper – pages 191 (The Royal Visit)-225; 226 (Fun and Games)-255; 256(Wild Pitch)-end

Other Possible Resources

  • A Pioneer Story: The Daily Life of a Canadian Family in 1840 Paperback by Barbara Greenwood (AMZ) (teaching guide)
  • The Story of Canada by Isabel Barclay
  • My First History of Canada by Donalda Dickie (TofL)
  • The Canadian Story by May McNeer
  • Tales and Biographies: Check your local library for the many books published about Canadian icons.
  • The Historica Canada Heritage Minutes are a great source for ideas.
  • The Tree of Life book service has a large selection of possible books that parents might find useful

Form 2

The Story of Canada by Lunn and Moore (AMZ)

  • IIB – pages 1-26; pages 26(The Explorers)-51; pages 51(Champlain’s Colony)-75
  • IIA Lower – pages 78-102; pages 102(Rebellion and Reform)-125; pages 125(The Red River War)-151
  • IIA Upper – pages 151 (Th Father of BC) – 169; pages 170-193; pages 193-219
    (The remaining portion of this text is completed in the first year of Form 3.)

Other Possible Resources

Indigenous Resources


British History

Form 1

Britannia: 100 Great Stories From British History by Geraldine McCaughrean (AMZ)
Ladybird History series

Form 2


The Incredible History of India’s Geography by Sanjeev Sanyal

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